5 Best Nurse Call Systems In 2023


In today’s healthcare settings, a nurse call system stands as an indispensable tool for hospitals and nursing homes alike. These systems facilitate seamless communication between patients and caregivers, fostering a swift response to needs and enabling healthcare staff to collaborate effectively.

The evolution of nurse call technology has seen remarkable advancements, with manufacturers introducing enhanced features aimed at optimizing patient care and streamlining communication among healthcare professionals. However, the abundance of available features and products in the market often makes selecting the most suitable nurse call system a challenging task for hospitals and care facilities.

To aid in this decision-making process, here is a curated list showcasing some of the leading nurse call systems in 2023, offering a starting point for your consideration.

MEEYI Nurse Call System

MEEYI Established in 1999, specialized in the research, manufacture, and marketing of security and communication products, We have more than 200 products on sale both in domestic China and overseas.

Specifically, the main product lines include
1) Wireless calling system used for restaurants, coffee houses, hotels, casinos, and hospitals.
2) Window intercom kits for service counters, such as bank and toll stations.
3) Nurse calling system for hospitals.
4) IP network Intercom system for banks, schools, police stations, hospitals, offices and etc.

MEEYI nurse call systems come in one of three forms:

The meeyi Wireless Nurse Call Systems are crafted to enable patients to promptly notify nurses in times of need or emergencies. These wireless systems encompass a diverse array of components meticulously designed to enhance communication. Key components of the nurse call system comprise:

  • Nurse call systems feature buttons equipped with handsets or push cords, serving as patient-initiated signals for summoning nurses.
  • Additionally, wireless receivers encompassing nurse call lights and pendant devices are employed to facilitate seamless communication.
  • Complementing these, wireless repeaters act as signal transmitters, ensuring the transmission of alerts from nurse call buttons to the central nurse call station.

The Meeyi Wireless Caregiver Pager System caters to assisted living facilities, caregiving centers, and families supporting elderly or individuals with disabilities. Offering a seamless channel for seniors and those in need, these caregiver pager systems facilitate easy communication of requests and necessities. Comprising wireless caregiver pagers, pendant pagers, and wearable panic buttons, these systems ensure convenient accessibility and aid in addressing immediate needs.

Intercall Nurse Call System

Intercall designs nurse call systems tailored to suit various healthcare settings, from nursing homes to expansive hospitals, by creating custom solutions. Their range includes four distinct nurse call systems, catering to diverse client needs, such as:

Intercall’s Ultra Series stands as their pinnacle nurse call system, featuring hands-free room-to-room voice communication as its flagship attribute. Alongside a liquid crystal display, staff locator, and emergency buttons, it boasts a range of other functionalities. Moreover, its adaptable nature allows healthcare institutions and caregivers to tailor the system to their specific requirements.

On the other hand, the Vista Series is purpose-built for facilities without the need for voice communication, supporting up to 150 calls. Patients utilize a button to summon caregivers, signaling them through light and tone notifications. Corridor lights outside each room illuminate to indicate patient calls, enhancing caregiver responsiveness.

The Legend Nurse Call System furnishes audio-visual alerts in hospitals and healthcare centers, featuring two models: Legend II and Equinox II.

Meanwhile, the Nurse Call Light comprises LED corridor domes, providing visual cues to medical staff. These domes can produce audible signals based on call priority or remain silent. Available in various colors, they ensure visibility even in brightly lit environments. Those with audio capabilities emit loud alerts, ensuring they’re heard over long distances, effectively signaling emergencies to medical personnel.

Ascom Nurse Call System

Ascom offers nurse call and monitoring systems for hospitals, clinics, and assisted living care facilities. They have two main systems, including Ascom Telecare and Ascom Telligence.

Ascom Telecare IP allows you to customize messages and alerts and comes with a wander management system to help caregivers keep track of patients in the facility.

This setup comprises wearable panic buttons, room controllers, bedside call buttons, and wireless sensors, each equipped with distinct functionalities to ensure essential alerts, including motion detection, smoke detection, magnetic connections, and location tracking.

Ascom teleCare IP seamlessly integrates with smartphones, enabling caregivers to monitor resident or patient alerts. Additionally, it offers reporting and analytics capabilities, fostering continuous improvement and compliance adherence.

Ascom Telligence Nurse Call stands as a comprehensive patient response system, providing caregivers with detailed patient information. Its unique patient response mechanism facilitates swift responses to patient requests by capturing and relaying information from multiple sources.

Furthermore, the Telligence system offers documentation support, streamlining updates and minimizing redundant information, thereby expediting processes.

Rauland Nurse Call System

Rauland offers communication systems that bridge the gap between patients and caregivers through their Enterprise nurse call solution. The Responder Enterprise is built on scalable IT infrastructure, accommodating the evolving demands of your facility seamlessly.

Their solutions from Rauland establish a centralized platform for comprehensive clinical transparency. Additionally, their nurse call systems prioritize patient information security through data encryption and offer a wide array of integrations, expanding choices and opportunities.

Facilitating direct communication between patients, their families, and caregivers, these systems empower family members to make requests to caregivers on behalf of their loved ones. This streamlined process eliminates unnecessary steps, ensuring efficient and prompt fulfillment of patient needs.

Some of the key elements of the enterprise nurse call solution include:

  • Workflow optimization
  • Workflow automation
  • An activity board
  • Optimized outcomes
  • Staff assignment
  • EHR Documentation
  • Assignment sharing
  • Responder resources

Jeron Nurse Call System

Jeron provides communication solutions tailored to a range of healthcare environments, encompassing clinics, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and long-term care facilities. Within their array of offerings are various nurse call systems, such as:

  • Provider 790
  • Provider 700
  • Pro-Alert 570
  • Provider 790 ASC

The Provider 790 stands as an advanced acute care nurse call system, designed to enhance staff efficiency by ensuring their mobility and accessibility for delivering optimal patient care. This system incorporates a range of features, including:

  • VoIP technology
  • SIP wireless phone integration
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Real-time staff location
  • Automated workflow alert

The Provider 700 represents a versatile and expandable nurse call system that harnesses wireless and network technologies to streamline communication and workflows within healthcare facilities. Notable features integrated into the Provider 700 comprise:

  • Automated staff locating
  • Intuitive touchscreen operation
  • Integrated rounding reminders for caregivers
  • Bathroom alerts
  • Bed exiting monitoring

The Pro-Alert 570 is a nurse call system designed for senior care facilities with features such as high-visibility indicators, wireless text alerts to smartphones and pagers, and wireless calls.

Choosing the Best Nurse Call System in 2023

Given the plethora of options available, conducting thorough research beforehand is crucial to select the optimal nurse call system. This choice should address patient needs, enhance satisfaction, and boost staff productivity. Initiating this selection process involves pinpointing communication and workflow gaps within your healthcare setting, identifying essential features to bridge these gaps, and seeking a system that encompasses all necessary functionalities.

Should you require assistance in finding a cost-effective nurse call system with straightforward installation for your facility, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.


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