Bank Intercom & Queue Solutions

There are different solutions from MEEYI for banks, including wireless queue systems, bank counter window intercom systems, bank emergency call systems, bank VOIP intercom systems and so on.
Benefits of Bank Intercom & Queue Solutions:
  • Easier communication and improved customer experience
  • Improve the efficiency and quality of service
  • Quick help and security for customers
  • Bank Window Interom System

    In order to keep high-fidelity in any window to chat, the MEEYI window intercom system uses full duplex technology to ensure that the sound is true and clear while also enabling two-way intercoms. In terms of sound quality, volume, interference and whistling, the full-duplex window intercom system meets the highest standards, allowing staff to communicate easily with customers even in banks, ticket windows and other places with glass windows.

    Bank Wireless Queue System

    For banks, customer experience and quality of service are crucial and if you don’t make them happy, then they often won’t choose you. And wireless queue management system help banks solve this challenge. With the queue system, customers will be given numbers and can wait anywhere until it is their turn, preventing queues from getting crowded while also allowing customers to reduce waiting time and improving the customer experience. On the other hand, with the queue wireless calling system, there is no need for additional staff to maintain order, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of the bank’s service.

    TCP/IP Emergency Intercom System

    It goes without saying that how to protect customer’s security is a top priority for all banks. With IP intercom systems, this problem is perfectly solved. The alarm button can be installed next to the ATM, so that if a customer encounters a problem or danger, he or she can contact the control center of the IP intercom via the emergency intercom button and get help quickly. The presence of an alarm security system facilitates communication between customers and staff while at the same time safeguarding the safety of customers.

    Bank Intercom & Queue Solutions Documents

    If you are interested in more information about Bank Intercom & Queue Solutions, MEEYI offers products pdf’s. Please contact us by whatsapp +0086 15392123519 to fast response.
    Bank Intercom & Queue Solutions Overview