Parking Lot Emergency Call Solutions

A parking facility may have multiple floors and a complex layout. When an emergency event occurs, MEEYI parking lot emergency alert solutions will alert the dangers and be an obstacle for the manager to figure out the location in time. Installing a Parking emergency system has removed most of the stress from customers.
Benefits of Parking Emergency System:
  • Quick alarm in emergency situations
  • Provide reliable assistance and ensure personal safety
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of staff services
  • Parking Emergency Call System

    The parking lot emergency system is designed to meet the most basic need for help in parking lots. Parking lots are usually located in open and isolated areas where customers cannot signal for help quickly in case of emergency or major danger. For this situation, the parking lot emergency system provides the perfect solution. When a customer encounters an emergency situation, just press the panic alarm button, the panic alarm lights in the parking lot will immediately light up and sound an ear-splitting siren, which will play a deterrent role when sending out a distress signal.It can definitely minimise the risk and ensure the safety of customers.

    Parking Lot Call Management System

    In recent years, the paradigm of the parking business is shifting. In addition to securing parking customers, the incident response management aspect is becoming increasingly important. Parking management systems can better manage the entire parking lot and provide the fastest response to all alarms. When a parking customer presses the nearest panic emergency buttons for parking lot, the panic alarm lights in the parking lot will light up and sound an alarm. At the same time, the management host in the control room displays the alarm information and the location of the call, so that the staff can quickly handle the event and take action. In addition, the management host supports statistical functions and records all system events for follow-up analysis and tracking of operator performance to further improve staff service quality and efficiency.

    Parking Emergency Intercom System

    In many large parking lots, there is often a greater focus on effective communication between the control room and the parking customers in order to operate efficiently and generate revenue. Parking emergency intercom systems support two-way audio and video calls, allowing the control center to talk to all panic alarm extensions in the parking lot for immediate response in emergency situations. The control center also supports broadcast functions available for information, warning and evacuation purposes. In addition, the panic alarm extension can be combined with panic alarm lights to further enhance safety. The advanced system does most of the work for you, so there is no need to hire someone to patrol the area, which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

    Parking lot Emergency Call Solutions Documents

    If you are interested in more information about parking lot emergency call solutions , MEEYI offers product pdf’s to help customers. Please contact us by whatsapp +0086 15392123519 to fast response.