Warehouse Paging System Solutions

A safe and efficient production line or factory management requires a timely response to failures in the production process. MEEYI factory emergency call solution greatly improves the production efficiency of the factory.

Benefits of Warehouse Paging System:

  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce installation costs for businesses
  • Remote intercom and broadcast function
  • Factory Service Call System

    Employee efficiency is an important factor in the steady growth of a factory. To meet the growing demand, MEEYI has introduced the Factory Emergency Call System that includes call for help button and control center. The emergency button can be installed on production lines and workstations to alert shop floor supervisors when workers need help by simply pressing a button to call for help. At the same time, each key of the call button for the factory can be configured with a different call message, and the workshop director can provide corresponding help according to the help message. Employees don’t have to spend more time on unnecessary things, which enhances efficiency and productivity.

    Factory Wireless Intercom System

    In a noisy factory environment, employees need to maintain instant communication with their shop floor supervisors, but it is impractical to run wires throughout the factory, so a wireless intercom system is a perfect solution. The system uses wireless technology and is ready to speak at the push of the intercom speaker button. With the handheld intercom, employees can communicate with each other at will without leaving the production line, and can seek help to solve any queries at the first time.It helps companies to reduce installation costs and also improve the productivity of employees.

    Factory TCP/IP Intercom System

    For many large factories, a system with only a communication function can no longer meet their needs. They need a system that integrates voice communication and notification to manage their factories. MEEYI IP intercom system is based on the VOIP system, which connects the whole factory in series through the network and truly achieves interconnection. The intercom terminal can ask for emergency help through an emergency intercom button and get help from the control center quickly in a short time. In addition to the basic remote intercom function, the control center of this system can broadcast to all intercom terminals and issue notifications to the whole factory in emergency or special scenarios. The alarm security system maximizes the safety of employees and enables quick release of notifications.

    Warehouse Paging System Solutions Documents

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