Nurse Home Solutions

Medium Nursing Home

When your nursing home has a large number of rooms and beds, nursing home skilled care wireless call system with software will help you a lot compared with a simple wireless pager calling system. You can choose to track the response time – this can be done using our software, which can indicate when the nurse call button is pressed and when the nursing staff responds to the resident. And this system can also be equipped with LoRa receive pager, which is convenient for staff to move around in a large area.

Advantages of MEEYI's smart caregiver call system for the medium-sized nursing homes :

  • The system software can efficiently process and analyze calling information.
  • Quick response
  • Large screen can be connected to display call information.
  • The system can be equipped with a LoRa wrist watch, with a large reaction range and a standby time of up to 20 days.

Wireless caregiver call system with software enables
nurses to process and analyze call information more efficiently through software.

  • The elderly in Room A01 can press the bedside pager (with call handle) or the bathroom call button (with pull cord), as well as the blind pager.
  • The management receiver W920-S4 can be connected to a large display through HDMI to display the call information (the number can be edited into numbers or words). The staff can see the call from the display or pager watch W624-GT1 and through the door lamp W630-G75.
  • The caregiver can cancel the call after handling the emergency of the elderly.
  • The working distance of the common call button outdoors is 200 meters. If the signal is insufficient, the signal repeater Y-Q5-P or gateway W811-G1 can be added.

System Operation

  • The nursing staff can be informed of which elderly people need help at the first time
  • Large display can be connected via HDMI
  • You can quickly view all call history information
  • Rapid response to improve the satisfaction of the elderly and their families
    5. It can analyze and count call information to improve work efficiency

System Installation

  • Wireless receiver: placed inside the table (connected to power adapter and switch)
  • Large display: HDMI connection
  • Gateway: It is the bridge connecting the wireless receiver and the transmitters (connected to the 12V1A power adapter and the switch)
  • Corridor light: wall-mounted (connected to 12V1A power adapter)
  • Bedhead/bathroom call button: installed on the wall with screws or stickers (using 12V23A battery)

Smart Elderly nursing call system Documents

If you are interested in more information about nurse call system solutions, MEEYI offers product pdf’s to help customers. Please contact us by whatsapp +0086 15392123519 to fast response.