School Paging System
School Emergency Call Solutions

Increasingly, school districts are turning to new emergency response solutions to protect their students and staff. MEEYI School Paging System solutions do the options schools to best protect students and staff.

Benefits of School Emergency Call Solutions:
  • Quickly send emergency alerts and locations
  • One way broadcasting, support mass notification
  • Two-way intercom for instant communication
  • School Paging System

    Many students may face various threats at school. When such an emergency occurs, administrators must be able to receive students’ help messages in time, respond quickly, and avoid injuries. So having an alert system in schools is vital. With a school emergency call system, students can press the emergency button to send a call, and staff can quickly locate the calling student through the control center to act quickly and ensure safety. At the same time, the control center supports historical records query and statistical functions, which is conducive to subsequent analysis. Help schools create a more comfortable and safer campus environment.

    School IP Intercom System

    Keeping students safe during an emergency is a priority for schools around the world. Emergencies occur without warning, so effective systems are needed to alert students. The IP intercom system was developed for schools to monitor and provide instant communication to school staff and students. During a crisis event, staff can send alerts directly to all extensions through the control center to notify students in the area. Also, when students are in danger, they can trigger the personal call button in that area to activate the panic alarm light and notify the control center, and the nearest personnel who see the alert will respond quickly and go to provide assistance. The ip network intercom system provides two-way intercom and precise positioning to give the school the maximum advantage in the event of a hazardous event.

    School Paging System Documents

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