Hotel Call and Intercom Solutions

For hotel solutions, we currently have HOTEL EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM and HOTEL WIRELESS TELEPHONE. They are respectively used for emergency help of guests and communication between hotel staff.
The hotel wireless emergency SOS buttons provide more security for customers and employees. Compared with the traditional emergency buttosn, the wireless SOS button is more convenient and smarter.

Benefits of Hotels Call Solutions:
  • Quick alarm in emergency situations.
  • Provide quick service and communication.
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of staff services.
  • Smart Hotel Wireless Call System

    Emergency call is an integral part of the hotel’s security system, and this time MEEYI Wireless emergency call is used in the hotel. The wireless design has almost no installation cost, even if it is an old hotel renovation, it is a breeze.HOTEL EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM is a LAN-based system consisting of gateway, panic call button, disabled call and management center. Can cover 90% of hotel emergency call projects.
    The combination of wired and wireless installation methods can adapt to various environments. Waterproof designed call button, stable and durable. All devices can be monitored in the W920 management center, and the call records can be checked while receiving the emergency information in real time.

    Hotel Wireless Intercom Phone System

    HOTEL WIRELESS TELEPHONE is mainly used for intercom between hotel staff. At the same time, it can also be used for the intercom in each room and the counter. The pure wireless setting can completely replace the traditional hotel telephone system, eliminating the trouble of wiring.

    Hotel Call and Intercom Solutions Documents

    If you are interested in more information about Hotel Call and Intercom Solutions, MEEYI offers products pdf’s. Please contact us by whatsapp +0086 15392123519 to fast response.
    Hotel Call and Intercom Solutionss Overview