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Wireless nurse call system solutions from MEEYI

Development history of MEEYI wireless nurse call system

In 2006, the company launched PT2262, a PT2272-based direct-press type channel host + pager wireless nurse call system.

The company launched PC-side management software mainly to realize “one-line communication” system networking in 2009.

The company launched the digital product “W920 Wireless Management System” IN 2016

In 2021, the company will launch digital server management software.  the company wills wireless enter the Internet of Things era.

In 2022, the company will launch a multi-system interconnection based on the Voerka platform.

Now, Launched a wireless full-duplex voice intercom system.


MEEYI wireless hospital nurse call system Overview

After 2000, wireless pagers appeared in the Chinese market.

From the initial service industry, leisure and entertainment industry-based, to hospitals, nursing homes, factories, supermarkets, banks, enterprises, government offices, and other applications.

Consumers’ demand for services is also changing constantly, greatly reflected in the demand for personalized services. and to a large extent reflects the service quality of an enterprise.

Practical, convenient, and other advantages, quickly recognized by the market.

With the help of new technology, it transforms its own business process, so that the service changes from “passive” to “active”, avoiding the embarrassment of disturbing customers caused by “personal service”, thereby improving the speed and quality of service.


MEEYI medical wireless call System advantages


The device is transmitted to the intelligent gateway through wireless signals, and the service management software through TCP/IP transmits by the intelligent gateway.


The third-party equipment through HTTP, and MQTT linked to the service management software.


The service management software can use the customer’s existing network for system construction, which saves construction costs. Compared with other solutions, it requires less investment and is easier for customers to choose from.


The service management software supports RF433, Zigbee, LORA, NB-IoT, Cat1, and other technologies.


MEEYI Wireless nurse call system planning

Wireless call systems are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, stations, shopping malls, factories, banks, customer service centers, and other places. It is convenient for users to make emergency calls.

The meal pickup reminder system is widely used in cafes, food courts, dessert shops, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, car 4S shops, hospitals, banks, and other places. Solve the problem of customers waiting in line.

The wireless intercom system has all the features of a walkie-talkie and a wireless calling system, which can realize voice intercom and voice call, as well as functions such as service button call, wireless emergency alarm, and multi-build classification call.