Nurse Call Solutions

Wired two-way communication nurse call systems

With 2-way voice communication, MEEYI nurse call system for hospital helps nurses to capture patient’s demands and then make plans for dealing with accurate and timely. Each department with one master station, with ability to receive patient calls from sub-stations, 2-way communication, group call, class call, monitor, record calling data, with administration software to manage all sub-station’s information and with LED display to show calling number.

Benefits of MEEYI wired hospital call systems: Two-way communication built for patients and nurse.

  • Nurse station PC software management has storage and analysis functions
  • Simple nurse call pager systems for sickbeds and washrooms
  • Easy to install and economic cost
  • Complete wired hospital call system
    is basic on 4-wired cables connection by simulation tech. It can realize the tw-way communication for nurse and patient call pagers.

    System Operation

  • A PC software management for Nurse station, and the Nurse master station to answer the calling from sickbed substations.
  • There is a corridor display hand up to show the calling room alert.
  • Corridor lamps to alarm the disable call buttons pressed.
  • Sickbed substations are built to be two way communication with Nurse station.
  • Waterproof call buttons for emergency call.
  • System Installation

  • Nurse station master: on nurse table or wall-mounted
  • Corridor display and lamp: on the corridor or on the top of the door
  • Sickbed substation: next to the sickbed on the wall
  • Washroom substation: next to the toilet for emergency call
  • Two-way Communication Wired Nurse Call System Documents

    If you are interested in more information about nurse call system solutions, MEEYI offers product pdf’s to help customers. Please contact us by whatsapp +0086 15392123519 to fast response.