Why It is Necessary to Use Full Duplex Window Intercom System in Hospitals?


Smart hospital solution – full-duplex window intercom system

In the service window of the hospital, there are many cash payment services. In order to ensure the safety of funds, bulletproof glass partitions are usually installed in the windows facing customers, which greatly enhances security and isolation. However, frequent communication is required during the business process. Traditional The way of shouting is inconvenient and uncivilized.

The MEEYI intercom system makes use of the existing network to develop a set of efficient, reliable, and stable “IP network full-duplex window monitoring intercom system”. The speaking device is convenient for communication and communication. The conversation between the two parties can be recorded and stored, which is convenient for review and inspection afterward. In case of emergency, you can also call the management center for help.

It can be widely used in service windows in hospitals and occasions that require communication, such as registration windows, payment windows, medicine collection windows, comprehensive windows, inspection windows, and other occasions.

System Topology

Hospital Window intercom System Configuration

Management center: NVR, monitor speakers

Monitoring center: IP intercom microphone host

Window: The registration window, the medicine window, and the comprehensive window are respectively installed with a window intercom indoor unit and an outdoor unit

Networking mode: server, IP intercom microphone host, and intercom internal unit are connected to the hospital LAN through a network cable; the outdoor unit is connected to the internal unit through a dedicated connection line


Full-duplex technology: The combination of a professional echo cancellation chip and algorithm realizes high-quality full-duplex intercom calls. During the full-duplex intercom of all window intercoms, the system will record and save the calls of these window intercoms in real-time at the same time, which is convenient for subsequent inquiries and evidence collection

Call function: When the on-duty business supervisor is required to authorize the business, the on-duty supervisor can be called through the teller intercom indoor unit

Welcome function: When you start to handle business, you can play “Welcome to XX to serve you” through the voice plays button of the window intercom. The window intercom internal unit has the function of muting the external unit

Play function: the window walkie-talkie can usually play background music, notifications, and educational information; when there is an abnormal situation, it will make an emergency broadcast to evacuate customers

Monitoring and monitoring: The supervisor can monitor and monitor the intercom system of each window through the IP network intercom host, and can monitor the service attitude and business process of each window in real time

Interruption function: the supervisor can intercom prompt the window intercom system of the host through the IP network intercom

Broadcast call: the supervisor can broadcast information to the hall area or make a broadcast call when there is an abnormality in the scene



Recommending Products:

Network-type window intercom internal/external unit

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  • The call address can be set through the management center or multicast. When the call button of the indoor unit is pressed, it will switch from the window intercom to the internal intercom and call the set host ID to make a call.
  • Turn off the intercom with the external unit, when intercom with the host, the “mute” and “greeting words” buttons do not work
  • When the button is pressed, it will actively switch to the window intercom mode, and play the audio file of the welcome words stored in the device, such as “Hello, welcome.”


10-inch window intelligent terminal

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  • Full-duplex voice intercom, recording function

In case of emergency, call for help and call the police to the monitoring center

  • Multiple business field modes, internal and external mute function

Display window information, and staff information, facilitate supervision and improve awareness of service quality

Use the button function of the evaluation controller to perform statistical analysis on service quality evaluation, customer flow, business processing time, etc.

  • Intelligent voice prompts, playing “one-meter noodles”, “Hello, welcome”, “Thank you” and other service works

Can expand accurate marketing push service