How Does the Operating Room Intercom System work in Hospital?


Smart hospital solution – operating room intercom system

Operating room intercom system

The operating room intercom system is used in the hospital operating room environment, using the hospital’s IP network to realize functions such as access control, communication, and status release.

By installing an outdoor station at the door of the operation area, the access control can be controlled. The operation door can be opened by swiping the card or face recognition, and the nurse station can be called and unlocked remotely.

By installing visual intercom extensions in each operating room, instrument room, blood bank, and nurse station, one-click calls between each operating room and the instrument room, blood bank, and nurse station are realized, and two-way audio and video intercoms are carried out to facilitate timely information transmission.

By releasing the operation status in real-time at the nurse station and displaying the operation status on the information release integrated screen in the family waiting area, the operation status of the patient can be reflected in a timely manner.


System Topology

System Configuration

Nurse station: nurse station host, ceiling speaker, operation status display

Waiting area for family members: help terminal, ceiling speaker, operation status display

Operating area: outdoor station, intercom extension

Pharmacy, instrument room, blood bank: intercom extension

Networking mode: service software, nurse station host, operation status display, door station, intercom extension connected to the hospital LAN through network cables

Access control

Swipe card or face recognition, control the door to open, convenient and fast passage

One key call

With one button press, you can call the nurse station, instrument room, blood bank, and pharmacy in real-time

Radio call

During the rescue, the one-click broadcast can also be used for daily push information, introduction, and broadcast

Status release

Publish the operation status in real-time and display the operation status in the waiting area

Remote unlock

Call the nurse’s station, and the nurse’s station can be unlocked remotely

Video intercom

Realize visual intercom, timely communicate the on-site situation, observe the on-site situation through the system, and make a plan

Multi-party linkage

Emergency help equipment can be connected to the monitoring center, public security command center, etc. at the same time to achieve multi-party linkage and efficiently handle emergencies


Product Description

10.1-inch vertical screen outdoor station

Product number:



  • Support calling the medical host and making audio and video calls with the host
  • The medical host can remotely monitor the outdoor station

The door can be opened by swiping a card, password, face recognition, and other methods

Can be remotely unlocked through the management host

  • Support external door lock, local or remote door opening; expandable advertising playback function


10-inch video intercom terminal

Product number:




  • 10.1-inch true color screen, resolution 1024*600
  • Capacitive touch screen, full-screen touch operation

Full-duplex visual intercom, when calling the host, it can perform a two-way visual full-duplex intercom with the host

  • Suitable for indoor environments that require two-way visual intercom, with both sound and capacity
  • Adopt a high-grade aluminum alloy brushed panel, strong and durable, beautiful and generous. Buttons such as nurse station, equipment, blood bank, etc. are displayed on the touch screen, and different areas can be called with one touch
  • There is a call button on the panel, which can quickly call the nurse station, or customize the call target
  • Broadcasting function, which can trigger broadcasting with one key, and quickly transmit information
  • Built-in high-fidelity speakers and microphones for hands-free calling, receiving broadcasts, and live monitoring

Built-in high-definition digital camera, using H.264 encoding to realize two-way visual intercom

  • You can insert missionary videos


55-inch surgical status display all-in-one machine

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Display the operation schedule of the day, and can display information such as operating room name, patient name, operation name, surgeon, operation status, etc.

Large-screen display in the family waiting area, real-time update of operation status, and voice broadcast

Can play propaganda and educational information on the big screen, such as operation introduction, postoperative instructions, nursing publicity, and other information

Can switch to play TV programs, adjust emotions, and create a good atmosphere for medical treatment