How does MEEYI VOIP Intercom System Used in Smart Prisons


The overall solution of smart prison

Judicature / Regulatory Control System

Prison Intercom System ●Intelligent Prison Interactive Management System ●Digital Visitation System. Interrogation Room Intercom System ●Digital Broadcasting System

With the development of science and technology, the informatization and digital construction of the judicial supervision industry is also constantly improving. The MEEYI smart prison system solution adopts the “Internet +” way of thinking, and uses advanced information technology to provide safer and more efficient solutions for prisons, and build an instant intercom system covering the entire region. Promote the transparency of prison information, reduce the labor cost of prisons, improve the management efficiency of prisons, help prisons quickly complete modernization and upgrading, and achieve the goal of “requiring police force from science and technology”.

VOIP Intercom System Introduction

System Overview

The all-digital IP network audio and video intercom system of MEEYI  prison warehouse is composed of intercom system management software. IP network intercom host, intelligent interactive terminal and IP network visual anti-riot intercom extension. Intercom system management software Responsible for the information recording and storage of the entire intercom system: the IP network intercom host is the host that manages the front-end IP network intercom extension equipment in the system. It can handle various items for the front-end IP network intercom extension equipment, and It can form a three-level and four-layer network intercom supervision system with the IP network intercom host in the network, and perform hierarchical and hierarchical supervision on the calls and alarms of all IP network intercom extension equipment in the system: as a detainee management system The front-end equipment – “intelligent interactive final addition” set intercom, wristband swiping card shopping consumption. Chest strap positioning for detainees. Inquiry of consumption records, protection of laws, regulations and rights and interests of detainees. Notification of rights and obligations and other functions in one. The IP network intercom host can form a network-based supervision system through the network to the supporting platform software, providing a powerful information-based supervision platform for the management, command, and dispatch of the league. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for the unified digital supervision of the whole province or city.

System Features

  • The system realizes all-digital audio and video intercom, adopts TCP/IP network transmission technology, compresses audio and video signals, and transmits them in the LAN in the form of data packets, realizing pure digital two-way audio transmission or one-way audio and video transmission.
  • Free of IP network address box, unlimited number of IP network intercom hosts, that is, unlimited number of management IP network intercom extensions.
  • Highly integrated system: a nine-in-one system that highly integrates intercom, monitoring, broadcasting, visualization, emergency help, alarm, audio and video recording, patrol and signal detection, providing prisons with the ability to “require police power from technology” best choice. At the same time, detainees can independently shop, order meals, balance inquiries, consumption inquiries, and police officers can query and locate the specific location of detainees through the wristbands worn by detainees, which is convenient for management.
  • Adopt liquid crystal display, full-featured touch screen, embedded operating system, and use network for transmission to realize visual supervision of video alarm and visual intercom.
  • Visualization function: realizes visual intercom, visual alarm handling, and visual monitoring, which greatly improves supervision.
  • Proprietary network technology realizes networked and digital intercom of audio and video under common bandwidth.
  • Call alarm upload and transfer hosting function: when the front-end intercom terminal calls or the police inspects the alarm, and the first-level host times out or is unattended, it can be directly uploaded to the advanced host or the set hosting host within the set time.
  • Effectively distinguish between calls and alarms, and the alarm priority processing function: when the front-end intercom extension calls or alarms, the host will display red and green colors to distinguish the front-end intercom extension

call or alarm status of the machine, and directly prompt the host to deal with it according to the alarm priority procedure.

  • Record query function: When the front end “alarms” or “calls”, the host will automatically store the event for future viewing.
  • Reserve the docking interface with the third-party platform.

System Functions

  • Complaints and appeals: The complaints and appeals of detainees will be submitted to the management background of the relevant responsible police, who can reply and deal with them after checking, or submit the complaints to other management personnel for processing.
  • Application for business affairs: The detainees’ application for medical treatment, meeting with lawyers, application for prison visits, etc. will be submitted to the relevant responsible police for approval, and detainees can view the approval results on the interactive terminal of the intelligent prison.
  • Three fixed tables: The three fixed tables are the bed table, day duty table, and duty table, which contain the main information of the cell. The daily affairs management of the platform can maintain the three fixed tables of the prison room, the bed table can add or delete beds according to the actual size of the prison room, the duty table can customize the duty items, and the duty table can be adjusted according to the actual personnel. Duty time period. Highly liberalized management settings of three fixed tables create a personalized management system.
  • Duty schedule: The web-side management background supports custom duty items, and the police can perform duty scheduling operations for the detainees in the responsible area through the management background.
  • Personal assessment: the system supports the assessment record management function, and records the assessment results and personal behavior of detainees into the management background. It can be applied to the assessment of various prisons and the behavior records and inspections in individual prisons.
  • Two prison rooms: Two prison rooms are the basic requirements for the police in the prison management regulations. This system has a double prison room management system to provide data support for the implementation of the double prison room requirements. The management background arranges the duty schedule and sets the on-duty check-in time period for the on-duty police. The on-duty policemen must check in at the intelligent prison inspection road terminal in the corresponding duty area within the time period.
  • Prison room roll call: The platform can view the roll call results of the prison room intelligent terminal, which visually displays the roll call results of the detainees with the cell room as the basic unit, and at the same time, the police can query the roll call status of the individual detainees.
  • Notifications: The platform can issue notifications to the detainees in the prison, and the notifications of the detainees will be displayed on the interactive terminal equipment of the smart prison.
  • Medical management: The police or prison doctor can log in the prisoner’s medical records and medication records here, which can be used to check the prisoner’s treatment history and grasp the prisoner’s physical health.
  • Call function: command center, monitoring center, sub-control center and intercom terminal make point-to-point calls; sub-control centers can call each other and have visual intercom; sub-control center and intercom terminal can make two-way call intercom. Multiple calling signals can be displayed at the same time, and the sub-control center can display the calling intercom terminal number and distinguish different signals with different colors.
  • Broadcasting function: full-site, site-selected broadcasting, scheduled broadcasting, free intercom during broadcasting, and automatically resume broadcasting status after the intercom is over;
  • Monitoring function: The host computer in the system can monitor any terminal under the permission, and the loop monitoring and video browsing functions can be turned on in the idle state.
  • Authorization distribution and structure: the system is assigned according to the authority, and the management mode is divided into levels, which can realize the province-wide networking. The master control center can directly call the terminal, and each terminal can call the sub-control center within the specified time (time can be set) If there is no response from the sub-control room, the alarm signal will be transferred to the command center or the authorized authority transfer host;
  • Self-inspection function: automatic detection and alarm function of front-end working status: automatic detection and alarm of terminal failure.
  • The system architecture is flexible and diverse, and the networking is convenient: based on the wince operating system, the transmission is based on the TCP/IP network protocol, realizing two-way audio and video encoding and decoding, and supports touch (resistive/capacitive touch screen) and mouse control operation modes, The terminal can access multiple analog video signals, without DNS agent and IP network address box, the device can directly access the LAN to realize network communication.
  • Break through the limitation of transmission distance, and communicate with the network place: multi-layer and multi-level supervision mode can be realized, and the network expansion is wider; the network cable layout is used, and the communication transmission is convenient and fast. Feel free.
  • Digital audio processing, echo cancellation, noise suppression: the main control unit and the intercom host are equipped with monitor sound quality equalizers, and the audio sound is processed by DSP digitally to remove echo and noise to achieve high-fidelity restoration of sound, so that the monitor sound is clear and undistorted .
  • Proprietary codec format, communication confidentiality is not easy to steal: H.264 standard format is adopted to achieve safe encryption and good compatibility, both encryption and compatibility, and strong compatibility with other systems.
  • Multi-channel IO output of the terminal, which can be linked with multiple alarm signals: IO port output, multiple alarm signals can be linked at any time to ensure the safety and reliability of the on-duty, so as to call, upload and respond quickly.

The sound is loud and clear, ensuring normal communication during hands-free intercom: the main control unit and the intercom host are equipped with monitor sound quality equalizers, and adopt AGC automatic gain control, digital audio processing, echo cancellation and other control technologies to make the monitor sound clear , No distortion; the main control machine, the mainframe and the terminal are all equipped with a monitor output interface, which can be connected to an external recording device for backup.


TCP/IP Intercom System Product Description

Product Name:

IP network paging microphone

Product Number:



  • Can call, listen/monitor, and broadcast to all hosts and extensions
  • Status prompt: the extension alarm and intercom status can be prompted by red and blue, and each key has a device ID number and name displayed
  • Monitoring and monitoring: It can monitor and monitor the host and extension. The monitoring and monitoring function is also divided into two modes: stand-alone monitoring and cycle monitoring. The cycle monitoring time can be set
  • Broadcasting function: There are three broadcasting methods; MP3 player, broadcast call and external audio source
  • Transfer function: the extension call can be transferred to other hosts

Hosting function: When no one is on duty, the settings of this host can be transferred to other designated hosts for hosting

  • Alarm function: It can receive the tamper alarm of the extension, the external alarm button, the external alarm release button, the noise alarm and the signal detection alarm light alarm signal

Record query: can record and query call records, received calls, missed calls, alarm records, card swiping records, unlock records and other information

Unlocking function: two-way electric control lock output function that can remotely control the extension

  • Door opening reminder function. It can receive and display the switch door signal of the two-way door sensor of the extension

Linkage function: It can control some peripheral devices such as external police lights, sirens, cameras, etc., and can be linked with the intercom terminal

Product Name:

Prison Intercom Extension


  • High-grade aluminum alloy brushed panel, strong and beautiful, can be surface mounted or embedded, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, demolition-proof, and violent damage-proof
  • Built-in speaker for hands-free calls and radio reception
  • Built-in microphone and camera, achieve the effect of both sound and capacity during intercom, and can be monitored and monitored;
  • Digital recording and video recording function, the audio and video files recorded during the intercom are stored in the host, and uploaded to the server management software when free
  • Background music can be played when the device is idle, and it will be automatically interrupted when talking
  • Loud alarm function
  • Signal detection function: an external signal detection module can be connected, and when an abnormal signal source is detected, a detection alarm message will be sent to the host and management software
  • With audio output port, external active speakers can be connected

Unlocking function: two electric locks can be connected externally for control

  • Door sensor function: it can be connected with two A/B mutual control doors.

It has the function of recording output port. It can be connected to DVR/NVR for synchronous audio and video recording.

  • With other rich interfaces Audio input port, RS485 communication interface, alarm button, contact alarm button, alarm output port, signal detection and other interfaces

Product Name:

Smart Warehouse Patrol Terminal


  • Access control function: The terminal equipment of the intelligent prison patrol road is used as an access control system through an external electronic lock. The policeman opens the door of the cell through IC card or biometrics.
  • Three fixed tables: In order to facilitate the management of the patrolling police, the intelligent prison patrol road terminal of the prison room can display the three fixed tables (bed table, duty table, and duty table) of each cell for the police to check and use.

Cell roll call: The police can start the roll call process on the intelligent prison inspection road terminal, and the touch screen will display the roll call progress and results in real time.

Two visits to the prison room: The intelligent prison patrol road terminal provides attendance functions, which can be used as the record basis for the police’s two visits to the prison room. Faces, fingerprints or IC cards are used as the only proof of sign-in, so as to prevent negative prison visits, substitute signatures, and unauthorized visits. Changes in shifts etc. happen.

One-button alarm: The patrol road terminal is equipped with an alarm button, which can initiate an alarm with one key, send an alarm message to the management system, and the police will handle the alarm on the web page.

  • Personal information: The patrol terminal can check the personal information, shopping information, and medication information of detainees in real time.
  • Video monitoring: The inspection channel terminal can be connected to the monitoring system in the prison, and the camera picture in the prison room can be viewed on the inspection channel terminal.

Product Name:

Smart Warehouse Interactive Terminal

Product Number:




  • Cell roll call: detainees use IC cards or biometrics to conduct roll call reports on the interactive terminal of the smart prison, and upload the roll call results to the management background through the prison internal network. The roll call process uses wristbands or fingerprints to ensure the accuracy of the roll call.
  • Complaints and appeals: In order to increase the feedback channels of detainees and establish a good relationship between police and prisoners, the interactive terminal of the intelligent prison has a built-in complaint and appeal function. Detainees can complain to roommates in the same cell on the interactive terminal of the smart prison warehouse. The complaint will be submitted to the management background account of the police in charge of the relevant area. Approval processing is carried out.
  • Business application: detainees can submit applications for medical treatment, meeting with lawyers, and meeting relatives through the interactive terminal of the intelligent prison. The police in the jurisdiction will approve the application step by step according to the relevant procedures.
  • Three fixed tables: In order to facilitate the management of the patrolling police, the interactive terminal of the intelligent prison warehouse and the terminal of the patrol road of the intelligent prison warehouse will display the information of the three fixed tables (bed table, duty table, and duty table) of each cell in real time. The device only has the viewing function, and the background management terminal is responsible for the relevant functional accounts to edit and modify.
  • Purchasing management: detainees can browse the information of products available for purchase on the interactive terminal of the smart warehouse, place orders online, and use biometrics or IC cards to confirm purchases to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • On-duty check-in: The detainees on duty in the prison room perform the on-duty check-in function.

Notifications: The interactive terminal of the intelligent prison warehouse will scroll to display the latest notices and announcements at the bottom of the home page, and the detainees can also operate the indoor terminal to view the details of the announcements, and can issue notifications, correctional messages, health education, and assistance to the prison room, etc. Multiple content releases.

  • Electronic reading: The interactive terminal of the intelligent prison can obtain the reading materials published in the background, and the detainees can read online through the electronic reading module, so as to improve themselves and enrich their prison life.
  • Personal information: Personal information is the personal information viewing page of detainees in the prison. The displayed information includes time served, account balance, assessment status, consumption records, etc.
  • Audio-education and other applications: The device supports access to other third-party applications (such as audio-visual systems, visitation systems, etc.) to expand application functions. The interactive terminal can be connected to the existing audio-visual system of the prison to realize playing the audio-visual video on the interactiveterminal

Product Name:

IP Network Desktop Intercom Terminal


  • One-button terminal, the target microphone or software that can be called by the call button can be specified by software
  • Double-button terminal (TB-8215B /TB-8225 1 TBV-8215B I TBV-8225B), with two modes of call and alarm, two buttons can be designated by software to call different target phone or software
  • Visual function (TBV-8215B 1 TBV-8225B), with an external camera to achieve the effect of both sound and capacity during intercom, and can be monitored and monitored: there are 6 white or infrared lights next to the camera, which automatically light up when talking , can increase scene brightness and improve video quality
  • Call transfer, when the calling paging phone is busy, shut down, or has no answer, it can transfer the call to the superior central microphone

Hands-free call, built-in microphone, and can be monitored; built-in speaker, hands-free call and receive broadcast

  • Digital recording function, the audio files recorded during the intercom are saved in the paging microphone and uploaded to the server when free
  • Background music can be played when the device is idle, and it will be automatically interrupted when talking
  • With audio output port, external active speakers can be connected

Linkage control: provide TCP command, UDP command, RS485 interface, with short-circuit input and output ports, can receive and control some peripheral equipment (such as police lights, curtain detectors, door sensors, door locks, etc.)

  • Loud noise alarm function, that is, when the extension is set to be continuously noisy and exceeds a certain decibel, it can automatically send an alarm to the paging phone and the management center software
  • Call data security function. Encrypt the data in transmission to prevent others from eavesdropping and make calls more secure

Power supply mode: separate power supply, centralized power supply, POE power supply (POE module or external POE power separator can be added, and the POE switch supplies power through the network cable)

Can be accessed wherever there is Ethernet, can cross network segments, cross routes, and can access the Internet