The overall solution of smart prison

Judicature / Regulatory Control System

Prison Intercom System ●Intelligent Prison Interactive Management System ●Digital Visitation System. Interrogation Room Intercom System ●Digital Broadcasting System

With the development of science and technology, the informatization and digital construction of the judicial supervision industry is also constantly improving. The MEEYI smart prison system solution adopts the “Internet +” way of thinking, and uses advanced information technology to provide safer and more efficient solutions for prisons, and build an instant intercom system covering the entire region. Promote the transparency of prison information, reduce the labor cost of prisons, improve the management efficiency of prisons, help prisons quickly complete modernization and upgrading, and achieve the goal of “requiring police force from science and technology”.

VOIP Intercom System Introduction

System Overview

The all-digital IP network audio and video intercom system of MEEYI  prison warehouse is composed of intercom system management software. IP network intercom host, intelligent interactive terminal and IP network visual anti-riot intercom extension. Intercom system management software Responsible for the information recording and storage of the entire intercom system: the IP network intercom host is the host that manages the front-end IP network intercom extension equipment in the system. It can handle various items for the front-end IP network intercom extension equipment, and It can form a three-level and four-layer network intercom supervision system with the IP network intercom host in the network, and perform hierarchical and hierarchical supervision on the calls and alarms of all IP network intercom extension equipment in the system: as a detainee management system The front-end equipment – “intelligent interactive final addition” set intercom, wristband swiping card shopping consumption. Chest strap positioning for detainees. Inquiry of consumption records, protection of laws, regulations and rights and interests of detainees. Notification of rights and obligations and other functions in one. The IP network intercom host can form a network-based supervision system through the network to the supporting platform software, providing a powerful information-based supervision platform for the management, command, and dispatch of the league. At the same time, it lays a solid foundation for the unified digital supervision of the whole province or city.

System Features

call or alarm status of the machine, and directly prompt the host to deal with it according to the alarm priority procedure.

System Functions

The sound is loud and clear, ensuring normal communication during hands-free intercom: the main control unit and the intercom host are equipped with monitor sound quality equalizers, and adopt AGC automatic gain control, digital audio processing, echo cancellation and other control technologies to make the monitor sound clear , No distortion; the main control machine, the mainframe and the terminal are all equipped with a monitor output interface, which can be connected to an external recording device for backup.


TCP/IP Intercom System Product Description

Product Name:

IP network paging microphone

Product Number:



Hosting function: When no one is on duty, the settings of this host can be transferred to other designated hosts for hosting

Record query: can record and query call records, received calls, missed calls, alarm records, card swiping records, unlock records and other information

Unlocking function: two-way electric control lock output function that can remotely control the extension

Linkage function: It can control some peripheral devices such as external police lights, sirens, cameras, etc., and can be linked with the intercom terminal

Product Name:

Prison Intercom Extension


Unlocking function: two electric locks can be connected externally for control

It has the function of recording output port. It can be connected to DVR/NVR for synchronous audio and video recording.

Product Name:

Smart Warehouse Patrol Terminal


Cell roll call: The police can start the roll call process on the intelligent prison inspection road terminal, and the touch screen will display the roll call progress and results in real time.

Two visits to the prison room: The intelligent prison patrol road terminal provides attendance functions, which can be used as the record basis for the police’s two visits to the prison room. Faces, fingerprints or IC cards are used as the only proof of sign-in, so as to prevent negative prison visits, substitute signatures, and unauthorized visits. Changes in shifts etc. happen.

One-button alarm: The patrol road terminal is equipped with an alarm button, which can initiate an alarm with one key, send an alarm message to the management system, and the police will handle the alarm on the web page.

Product Name:

Smart Warehouse Interactive Terminal

Product Number:




Notifications: The interactive terminal of the intelligent prison warehouse will scroll to display the latest notices and announcements at the bottom of the home page, and the detainees can also operate the indoor terminal to view the details of the announcements, and can issue notifications, correctional messages, health education, and assistance to the prison room, etc. Multiple content releases.

Product Name:

IP Network Desktop Intercom Terminal


Hands-free call, built-in microphone, and can be monitored; built-in speaker, hands-free call and receive broadcast

Linkage control: provide TCP command, UDP command, RS485 interface, with short-circuit input and output ports, can receive and control some peripheral equipment (such as police lights, curtain detectors, door sensors, door locks, etc.)

Power supply mode: separate power supply, centralized power supply, POE power supply (POE module or external POE power separator can be added, and the POE switch supplies power through the network cable)

Can be accessed wherever there is Ethernet, can cross network segments, cross routes, and can access the Internet