How to use intercom systems to improve patients nurse fast communication?


Outpatient Area

Wireless calling system

Through radio frequency, Lora, wifi, and other wireless communication technologies, the call information is sent to the management host through a simple pager, which can be used in outpatient infusion rooms, day wards, public toilets, and other places. the


Multimedia Information Publishing and Diagnosis System

Adopt centralized control and unified management to transmit multimedia information such as audio and video signals, pictures, and scrolling subtitles to the display terminal through the network platform, broadcast with high-definition digital signals, and issue notices, signs, hospital introductions, and scheduling in real-time Important information such as information, doctor profiles, medical knowledge, and educational videos can effectively cover hospital halls, inpatient departments, waiting areas, treatment areas, pharmacies, elevator rooms, passages, and other crowded places.


Doctor-patient help system

Use the hospital’s internal network platform to connect the command center and the front-end help points to realize a one-click alarm for help and intercom in emergency situations. The system installs a one-button alarm device in the hospital guard room, each department, and key vital parts, and is connected to the hospital safety monitoring center to ensure that the guards and security personnel can be notified in time when an emergency occurs, and quickly disposed of.


Triage queuing system

Centralized control and unified management are adopted to transmit multimedia information such as queues, pictures, and scrolling subtitles to the display terminal through the network platform, and broadcast with high-definition digital signals. Publish important information such as queuing queues, medical knowledge, and educational videos in real-time, and output calling information through speakers, which can effectively cover registration areas, toll areas, medicine collection areas, outpatient areas, consultation rooms, inspection areas, etc.


Full duplex window intercom system

By installing an intercom internal unit and an external unit inside and outside the window, the voice of the two parties inside and outside the window can be amplified and output to reduce communication barriers. The content of the intercom can be recorded and stored, and can be played back for review if there is any dispute; in case of an emergency, One-click triggers alarm information to the monitoring center for the intercom. It can be used in places with glass partitions such as registration areas, toll areas, and medicine collection areas.


Inpatient Area

Operating room intercom system

The operating room intercom system is used in the hospital operating room environment. It uses the hospital’s IP network to realize functions such as access control, communication, and status release through door phones, intercom extensions, information publishers, remote management terminals, and other software and hardware.


Medical intercom system

On the basis of integrating the hospital’s existing services and internal information resources, deploy corresponding terminals at the bedside of the ward, the door of the ward, the nurse’s station, and the bathroom, and provide information display and release, call, and call, nursing instructions, and custody through the network platform Functions such as transfer, broadcasting, and education is convenient for patients to communicate for help and provide medical assistance.


Ward video system

The ward video interactive service platform is based on the integration of the hospital’s existing services and internal information resources. It uses the hospital’s cable TV network, broadband LAN, Internet, multimedia, embedded computers, and other technologies in one. The ward provides a service platform with multiple functions including digital TV, video on demand, information query, online ordering, and in-hospital and in-hospital services.


ICU visitation system

On the basis of the existing network of the hospital, in addition to the traditional functions of emergency help and two-way intercom, it can also realize two-way video intercom between doctors, family members, and patients. The system has a management system in each ward Center (nurse station), the entrance and exit of the ward are based on the actual situation on the site, and a ward door machine is set up, so that the visitors and the nurse station can confirm their identity through the visual intercom, and they can pass through after checking. The bed extension is hung on the head of the patient’s bed through the rocker frame and can provide a call intercom function. A special visiting room is set up in the ward. The patient’s family members can conduct an audio intercom with the patient through the visiting extension through the transfer of the ICU medical host, and check the condition in real-time.