How to use intercom systems to improve patients nurse fast communication?

Outpatient Area Wireless calling system Through radio frequency, Lora, wifi, and other wireless communication technologies, the call information is sent to the management host through a simple pager, which can be used in outpatient infusion rooms, day wards, public toilets, and other places. the   Multimedia Information Publishing and Diagnosis System Adopt centralized control and unified […]

What is the ICU Visitation system?

The hospital ICU visitation system is mainly to solve a series of problems such as inconvenient visits and cross-infection in traditional visits. It uses audio and video calls through visiting hosts, visiting extensions, bed extensions, and other equipment to facilitate communication between nursing staff, patients, and family members. The system is better than the call, […]

Why It is Necessary to Use Full Duplex Window Intercom System in Hospitals?

Smart hospital solution – full-duplex window intercom system In the service window of the hospital, there are many cash payment services. In order to ensure the safety of funds, bulletproof glass partitions are usually installed in the windows facing customers, which greatly enhances security and isolation. However, frequent communication is required during the business process. […]

Emergency Help Point Intercom Systems In Safe Cities

Safe City comprehensive solution – Emergency call point Safe City – Safe Community – Safe School – key alarm and help system, remote command and dispatch system, Digital broadcasting system Emergency Call Point System Introduction ◆System Topology   ◆System Overview Safe City IP network audio and video emergency alarm intercom system (Emergency Call point) is […]

Queue System solutions in Hospital

Hospital Queue System Solution  The digital hospital is composed of the building intelligent system and the hospital information system. Building intelligence is the basic and auxiliary management ap plication, which is mainly reflected in administrative management; while the hospital information system is related to specific businesses, and the MEEYI’S system is mainly Application in the […]

How Does the Operating Room Intercom System work in Hospital?

Smart hospital solution – operating room intercom system Operating room intercom system The operating room intercom system is used in the hospital operating room environment, using the hospital’s IP network to realize functions such as access control, communication, and status release. By installing an outdoor station at the door of the operation area, the access […]

How an Information Publishing System works in Hosptails?

Multimedia Information Publishing and Guidance System in Hospitals Multimedia Information Publishing and Diagnosis System Based on the existing network environment of the hospital, the information release system makes full use of the hospital information platform, integrates network technology, information technology, and multimedia technology, and adopts a unified management method to transfer multimedia information such as […]

What’s IP Based Nurse Call System Medical Intercom

Smart Hospital Solution – Smart Medical Intercom The applications of medical intercom in the outpatient area include an information release system, triage queuing system, wireless call system, and window intercom system; There are operating room intercom systems, doctor-nurse intercom systems, ward video systems, ICU visitation systems; public areas have doctor-patient help system and IP broadcasting […]

How does MEEYI VOIP Intercom System Used in Smart Prisons

The overall solution of smart prison Judicature / Regulatory Control System Prison Intercom System ●Intelligent Prison Interactive Management System ●Digital Visitation System. Interrogation Room Intercom System ●Digital Broadcasting System With the development of science and technology, the informatization and digital construction of the judicial supervision industry is also constantly improving. The MEEYI smart prison system […]